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What the Newspaper Say – July 26


By Press Association 2021

What the Newspaper Say – July 26

Monday’s newspapers are fueled by hope that the vaccine rollout has turned the tide of the national battle against Covid-19.

Time and Daily Express report that Britain’s Covid cases are on a sustained decline for the first time since the lockdown, with the success of the jab program raising hopes that the virus could ‘go away for the summer’.

However, The Guardian said young people have been urged to get stung amid concerns about increasing intensive care admissions in the age group.

Unions are fighting government over plans to alleviate so-called pingemia through testing program for critical workers, according to The daily telegraph. The document says key food and transport workers are encouraged to ignore the exemption and stay home, over concerns that they may be exposed to Covid in their workplace.

Metro leads with an apology from Health Secretary Sajid Javid for his comments suggesting that people should not “curl up” against the virus.

the Daily mail reports that up to 50,000 cases of dementia were missed during the first lockdown.

Elsewhere, the I said a survey of more than 12,000 police officers showed that three-quarters had experienced mental health problems in the past year.

Midwives at hospital under investigation into “dozens of baby deaths” say it’s still not sure, say The independent.

the Financial Time said ministers were looking for ways to pull China’s state-owned nuclear power company out of future UK energy projects.

Wayne Rooney has asked police to investigate after photos of ‘scantily clad’ women posing with him as he slept in a chair were posted online, according to the Daily Mirror.

And the Star of the day says health experts have warned the coronavirus can be spread by farting.