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UTSA’s finance team wins regional CFA research challenge | UTSA today | UTSA


“This team was chosen based on their performance in the classroom as well as their participation in the investment company,” said Ron sweet MBA ’91, Associate Professor of Finance Practice at Carlos Alvarez College of Business and Advisor to the Investment Society. “I knew they were all good writers and presenters, and would work well together.”

Putting in more than 200 hours to complete the challenge, the group began working on the project over the holidays and continued their analysis this spring. “The week before our presentation, we worked every night to perfect it,” said Gallegos, who conducted industry research on their environmental business.

“We knew it was going to be tough, but that’s what you do in the real world, and we knew we would make a great team,” added Terrazas, who is a financial analyst at Dell.

The first round of the contest required a 10-page article. The second round included a 10-minute presentation, and for the final round the team submitted a recorded presentation. “We wanted to tell a story and make our case simple and clear,” said Wickwire, who is a financial analyst at Buckle.

“As a growing college and new Tier 1 university, our win helps put UTSA on the map,” added Resendez, who will intern at Victory Capital this summer. “I was able to apply what I learned in my business classes to reporting.”

In addition to the experiential learning opportunity, the competition also allowed students to learn about finance executives through the CFA. The team was supervised by Ryan Griffin of Southern Wealth Management. “It was a great networking opportunity,” said Honors College fellow Johnson. “It signals to employers that you can work as a team.”