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Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg charged with tax charges


A New York grand jury has indicted the Trump Organization and its CFO with tax crimes which will be made public in court Thursday, people familiar with the matter said, marking the first criminal charges against the former president’s company since that prosecutors began investigating three years ago.

The charges against the company and its longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg are a blow to former President Donald Trump, who has pushed back several criminal and civil investigations during and after his presidency. But the initial charges will not involve Mr Trump himself, his lawyer said, falling short of expectations over the high-profile investigation which included a battle over his tax returns decided by the US Supreme Court in favor of prosecutors.

The defendants are expected to appear in court on Thursday, where the charges will be disclosed, the people said.

The Trump Organization and Mr. Weisselberg are expected to face charges related to the alleged employee benefits tax evasion, the people said. For months, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the New York State Attorney General’s Office investigated whether Mr. Weisselberg and other employees illegally avoided paying benefit taxes. – such as cars, apartments, and private school tuition – which they received from the Trump organization. .

It would be unusual to focus solely on benefits, former prosecutors said. It is rare to bill an individual or business for non-payment of employee benefit taxes, although these charges are used in larger cases. Some lawyers have said that if prosecutors attacked the Trump Organization purely for fringe benefits, when few other companies face such charges, it could make the investigation appear biased.