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The man who designed the city’s new flag calls it his love letter to Lincoln | Local


For Mejia, a design competition that was to serve as a rebrand for the current flag was well within reach.

Ed Mejia made several sketches during the process of designing the new flag for the city of Lincoln.

JUSTIN WAN, newspaper star

His favorite type of work is taking a current brand and modifying a logo and all brand identity elements.

Mejia acknowledges that it’s difficult to create a design that will appeal to everyone, but he believes his design represents Lincoln and what the city means to him.

He calls it his love letter to Lincoln.

The teal, navy and gold flag features intersecting lines intended to capture the interconnection of technology, agriculture and commerce that drew people to Lincoln, according to Mejia. The lighthouse in the center symbolizes hope and optimism, as well as Lincoln’s reputation as a safe harbor for those seeking to call the community home.

Other recognizable images in the design include a sunset, one of Mejia’s favorite parts of Nebraska, as well as the State Capitol and an aerial view of the city’s traditional center (the star located in 13th and W streets).

The teal green is a nod to Lincoln’s verdant tapestry of parks, trails, trees, and green spaces – and home of the Arbor Day Foundation. Navy blue represents the underground aquifer, an abundant and valuable natural resource important to the region. Gold represents a bright future and a place where all are warmly welcomed.