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Stages of adaptation of students from Croatia to UK universities


Having the opportunity to study abroad can be very exciting and nerve-racking. As an international student, you know that you should strive to do your best in school. After all, this is an incredible opportunity!

But you eventually leave Croatia and land in the UK, you suddenly realize how far away you are from home, there are certain steps you will take before you can really adjust to the country you have decided to study in. Let’s see these different stages.

Enthusiasm and excitement

From the moment you receive your acceptance letter until the moment you land in the UK, you will likely experience high levels of enthusiasm and excitement. You will feel happy with:

• New weather
• Amazing food
• Beautiful landscape
• Interesting people
• The campus of your dreams

At this point, you will feel like the world is yours and anything can happen! While you may feel restless at some point, the positivity will show through. But this stage will not last forever.

Feeling homesick

Once the novelty wears off, reality will begin to set in. You will suddenly feel like the world is crumbling over you as you try to juggle all your chores without having the comforts of your home and the people around you. At this point, you might feel inadequate, touchy, and disappointed, especially when things aren’t going the way you want them to. What you once thought of as fascinating may seem mundane or exhausting now.

When that happens, homesickness will set in. You will start to regret your friends, family and anything that reminds you of things in Croatia. All students who study abroad experience this … it is just one of those steps you need to take. Hold on and try to keep the faith. If you can change your mindset and focus on positivity, you will feel more confident, more confident, and ready to deal with whatever comes your way.

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Dealing with culture shock

As a Croatian, when you start to interact more with the locals of the UK you will realize how different they are from you. This is when you may experience culture shock, which is another common event that all international students experience.

You might wonder why people act the way they do, or why they think what’s normal for you is quite strange. When you first experience culture shock, you may feel overwhelmed. Again, you should continue even if it is difficult. To make it easier for you, try to learn the culture of the locals. Ask questions, research and observe. Then you will understand and accept the things you cannot change – the culture of the country you are in.

Panic and fear

When the school year begins, there won’t be a lot of pressure to deal with. However, over the weeks you will be assigned various tasks, projects and other courses as part of your schooling.

This is the stage where you might feel panic and fear as you struggle with everything. Since you are away from the people you normally rely on, you won’t know what to do to complete your course. You might constantly feel like everything is too much and all you want to do is go home. But you should know that you are not alone. Try to find a local Croatian support group or create a support network that will help you get through your toughest times.


When you have gone through all the stages and successfully come out of them, you will reach the final stage, which is adaptation. Here you will feel like you are used to your new home and you will also feel accepted. You could even learn to speak the language too.


As an overseas Croatian student in UK, one of the main reasons you have chosen to study abroad is to pursue higher education. The combination of a supportive environment and quality education at UK universities will make it easier for you to go through these stages and finally adjust to your current situation.

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