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SAM’S CORNER: After three victories in the Virgin Islands, it’s nice to relax on the beach


Hello Wildcat fans!

As I write this I am sitting here by the ocean, listening to the waves, finally able to relax after a long three day period of play.

We went 3-0 this week in the Virgin Islands with a few close games, but we were able to secure the victory. It was nice to get away from Tucson a bit and get a change of scenery. We arrived at the Islands on Tuesday and will be leaving on Sunday.


When we first arrived after a long day of traveling, we just rested and made up for our missed sleep. The next day we had a workout in the morning. The ride was magnificent. We were able to travel in an open bus and listen to music from the island. We drove to the oceanfront and saw the local shops including a fruit shop. When we got back from training, we stopped by the store and picked up some fruit. The fruit here was on another level. It tasted like no other fruit we’ve had before.

Once back at the hotel, we hung out by the beach and rented kayaks and paddle boards. We didn’t stay too long in the sun because we had to rest for the matches.

On Thanksgiving Day we played DePaul and after the game we had a Thanksgiving meal. I was lucky that my parents were able to make the trip here to the islands. It felt a bit more like Thanksgiving to have them with me. They were both here in the islands and left my brother at home alone. My sisters were kind enough to welcome him and have their own version of Thanksgiving. They sent a photo and it looked like he was doing great.

Our last day is approaching and although we are leaving we can have a nice boat ride before we leave. I’m super excited to be able to relax and enjoy the islands without the stress of knowing we have a game. I’ll soak up every moment before we have to rush to the hotel and pack our bags back to Tucson.

While I will miss the islands and our super bus driver, yell at Rocky! – Glad to come back to see my dog ​​and sleep in my own bed even though the hotel beds were very comfortable.

Sam thomas is a senior executive with Adia barnes return program for its fifth season in 2021-2022 as granted by the NCAA due to last season impacted by the COVID-19 protocol. She agreed to write a weekly column on AllSportsTucson.com. His Arizona honors include:

2021 Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year
2021 CoSIDA First Team Academic All-American
Elite 90 award winner
2021 All-Pac-12
2020 All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention
2020 & 2021 Pac-12 All-Defense
Winter Academic Honor Roll 2020 & 2021 Pac-12
First academic team from all districts CoSIDA 2019
2019 All-Academic Pac-12 First Team
2018 Pac-12 All-Freshman
2018 Arizona Athletics Female Freshman of the Year