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Pima County Public Library: Skills Sheets & More: Homework Help


As the pandemic continues to pose challenges to our community, the Library continues to support learners with their academic skills.

Our Homework page offers access to a range of free resources-of live online tutoring through Brainfuse To Electronic Library Research Tools As Encyclopedia Britannica.

A relatively new resource that you’ll find on the Homework page is our collection of skills sheets. The competency sheets are free documents of 1 to 2 pages on subjects related to mathematics, reading and writing, and they are available in English and Spanish. These skills sheets were developed by the homework assistants of the library to help adults help children, tweens and teens with homework. For example, several of the math skills sheets explain the strategies used in the Common Core / Engage NY math program that many schools in Tucson follow. Families can browse and download the fact sheets free of charge from the website.

  • Ideal for parents, caregivers and teachers who want to learn more about core math
  • Excellent teacher-created videos cover every module and lesson (grades 1-6) of the Eureka Math / Engage NY curriculum used by many elementary schools in Tucson.

Rocket reading

  • Ideal for parents and caregivers
  • Provides information on how to help struggling readers, such as what to look for, how to ask for help, and how to be an advocate for your child

Myth of words for children

  • Ideal for middle school, college and high school students
  • Clear definitions of vocabulary words and good example sentences
  • Keeps a search history of searched words
  • Has a “puzzle solver” that helps with crosswords or anagrams


  • Ideal for middle school, high school, college students and adults who want to proofread their own writing
  • Free comprehensive grammar, spelling and writing mechanics checker
  • The blog answers questions related to grammar

National Geographic Children

  • Ideal for elementary school students
  • Games, quizzes, videos, image galleries and more
  • Easy to use and colorful!

Intensive course

  • Ideal for middle school, high school and adults.
  • Short but comprehensive videos (10-15 minutes) on history and other topics created by John Green (author of The fault of our stars) and his brother Hank

Visit our Homework page for even more great resources, including:

  • Free online tutoring
  • Online tools available 24x7x365
  • Competency sheets for common homework

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