Payday Loans | Payroll-free credits

Unfortunately, requesting loans without payroll is more and more common, due to the urgent situation we are currently experiencing where employment is increasingly precarious and unstable.

Grant loans without payroll

Grant loans without payroll 

To this we must also add that banks do not grant financing in these very special cases, although increasingly frequent. What can you do then? When a person applies for loans without payroll, banks generally deny it; because they do not see in these clients the sufficient guarantees so that this money and its corresponding interests can be returned.

There is no other option but to resort to private companies that if they grant loans without payroll ; We are talking about private or private money companies that follow other guidelines and, to put it in some way, “filters” to grant fast money to consumers.

Our company grants loans and credits without payroll even when the user appears in the well-known lists of defaulters Financial Credit Institution or rai.
The fact of being a user in an unemployment situation is not a condition for our company not to be able to provide you with a fast line of financing and to be able to apply for unpaid loans, what’s more, in these cases we can also grant quick loans without payroll.

What is the interest rates?

What is the interest rates?

Naturally, it is necessary to have a backup to carry out this type of operations, usually we will refer to putting a property as a guarantee. They must be properties that do not have any type of charges or mortgages; With this we are referring to flats, houses, premises or industrial warehouses. Never parcels, plots or land.

Our lenders will always grant unpaid loans approximately between 20% and 25% of the valuation of that property, always on the value that the appraisal of the property that has been put as collateral throws at us. With interests that will never exceed 12%, 15% per year.

There are also countless advantages that make it easier for customers to pay back the interest payment, one of which is the possibility of making an early cancellation. This will always be a 0% penalty but as long as the first mandatory year has been completed.

Our investment lender company also provides the benefit of a grace period and only paying a maximum of five-year interest. We must emphasize that we are real estate and financial experts, therefore the user must and can fully trust our absolutely demonstrated capacity and knowledge.

In all cases, always to be able to grant a loan without payroll, we will review your study first. This valuation will always be free and we will not charge anything for it; moreover we never collect money in advance.

Obtaining a line of credit without payroll becomes an easy task thanks to these advantages. The law protects our activity and gives us greater strength and transparency. These are all issues that allow possible frauds and fears to dissipate in the world of private financing.

Let’s not forget that when an applicant needs a quick credit, he is usually affected by a series of urgent conditions that lead him to seek immediate liquidity in order to face various situations of need.

These situations generally place the user in a framework of conditions that prevent them from accessing a bank loan.
Unqualified requirement will always be to carry out an appraisal of the property or property proposed as a guarantee, said calculation or estimate will always be carried out without any problem and managed at all times by us. The cost will be very low and our staff will always take care of everything.

What is the procedure of getting a loan?

What is the procedure of getting a loan?

All procedures will always be signed before a notary, the user can rest assured, since all procedures will be carried out with the utmost legality. In fact it is remarkable that even the ministry of health and consumption regulates our activity, therefore the framework in which we operate is always safe.

The client can be attended from any point of the country where he is, it will never be necessary to move. We always provide our services to all parts of Spain including the Canary and Balearic Islands.

Payroll-free loans will be granted with a maximum waiting time of 72 hours, as long as the necessary documentation is presented and received by our offices.
There are cases in which the client does not have the time or the means to quickly gather the necessary documentation to study their case and be able to grant them a line of credit without payroll. Therefore, in this situation it is possible to present only a simple note of the property registry and with it we can already carry out a study of the operation.

We also highlight the fact that we will never collect money in advance, as our job is always to make things easier. In any case, the fees that the client must pay us can be domiciled by the bank or entered in the same account of the investing lender.

Do not wait any longer and if you need payday loans, contact our team of professional investors.