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Parisian elected officials delay action on the new price list


PARIS – After hearing concerns from some of its members on Monday, the select committee suspended approval of a new fee schedule for the city’s permits and licenses.

The city does not have a schedule where all the fees charged by the city are listed in one place.

Some fees would increase, said City Clerk Elizabeth Knox, who worked out the schedule, such as one-day dining fees, liquor license upgrades and summer recreation. The fee increase would cover higher administrative costs and prevent these costs from being passed on to all taxpayers.

When it was suggested that construction costs were too low and that the city should compare its costs with neighboring towns and municipalities of similar size, Selectman Carlton Sprague strongly disagreed. He wonders why the city would want to increase fees that could hamper development, despite the additional costs for inspections.

Selectman Walter Perry wanted to remove the fees charged for each solar panel on a home. The city charges $ 1 per square foot for solar panels, whether they are for a home or a commercial solar farm.

In other cases, selectmen approved spending $ 4,198.35 of American Rescue Plan Act funds to pay bonuses to essential Norway-Paris Solid Waste employees who worked throughout the pandemic.

“We have a good staff there and I would like to make sure we keep them,” Selectman Scott McElravy said. “If there is anything we can do to help them that would be a great idea. “

Bruce Hanson of NPSW said the facility serves between 50 and 250 people per day.

While the costs are split in two between Paris and Norway, Monday’s decision only concerns Paris, which has had no qualms about supporting the demand, whether or not Norway follows suit.

“We’ll do the right thing, whatever Norway does,” Perry said.

The elected officials of Paris approved the expenses unanimously.

A new building ordinance has been approved by the board of directors. A public hearing on the ordinance will be scheduled, with a special city meeting scheduled on the matter in February.

The Board of Directors approved ARPA’s $ 4,200 expenditure for Trio Real Estate software. City manager Dawn Noyes said the new program will list all property records on the city’s website. It would list the dimensions of a house, but not include floor plans or other privacy concerns. She noted that the Town of Harrison uses the same program.

President Christopher Summers noted that the information that will be listed online is already considered public information.

Noyes said after the initial cost, the program will cost $ 175 per year for maintenance.

The town hall’s new policy of closing daily for 30 minutes for lunch between 12:30 p.m. and 1 p.m. comes into effect on Monday.

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