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Letter to the Editor: School Board Should Focus on Basic Academic Skills


Being part of the Summit School District Board of Education is a commitment of time and energy. I thank those who serve our community in this way and those who are running for a seat on the board of directors this fall.

Summit Daily News reporter Lindsey Toomer wrote on Sept. 7 that “The Summit School District’s test scores fell during the pandemic, but even before the shutdown, data shows the district often falls below average. of the State, in particular in mathematics. “

Another source of data shows that over the past five years, math and reading scores have declined. This decline is deeply concerning and does our children a disservice.

The main job of our public schools is to teach children basic academic skills, such as math, reading and writing. Mastery of academic skills is a key factor in a child’s future opportunities. If academic test scores are dropping, why has the current board spent so much time discussing things other than academic performance? What tough questions about academic performance were asked of candidate superintendents? What percentage of each board meeting is focused on academic performance? If you read the minutes of board meetings, you will find disappointing answers to these questions.

It can be easy to get sidetracked in this time of COVID-19 and cultural turmoil. But it is the board’s job to ensure that the focus is on academic excellence. I have serious reservations about the tenacity of the incumbents to focus on academic excellence given their delay of several years in starting a unified improvement plan.

The current board has had time to deal with academic decline and has failed. It’s time to elect new board members who will focus on Trade # 1: Basic Academic Skills.

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