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Keanu Reeves has donated 70% of his “Matrix” salary to cancer research


It’s no secret that Keanu reeves is known as the cutest guy in Hollywood. For having abandoned his subway seat to help stranded air passengers, every anecdote that emerges about her is a delight, and now we can add another sweet gesture to her long list of healthy moments.

Recently a Boy bible report claimed the actor donated 70% of his income from the original The matrix cancer research film, which included the $ 10 million he received upfront and the $ 35 million he earned after the film premiered. But what is it exactly? A staggering $ 31.5 million that comes with a heartwarming story.

According to the publication, the donation was made when her younger sister, Kim, was battling leukemia. A bout that began in 1991 and lasted eight years, Kim eventually went into remission. Despite this, Reeves continued to donate and even secretly started his own nonprofit cancer organization, which he ran himself, according to a supposed quote from his 2009 interview with Ladies Home Journal.

“I have a private foundation that’s been around for five or six years, and it helps support a few children’s hospitals and cancer research,” he said at the time. “I don’t like putting my name on it, I let the foundation do what they do. And let’s not forget the time they were also able to donate an additional $ 19,000 to Camp Rainbow Gold, a summer camp for children with cancer, after Zoom date auction with himself.

Read Boy bibleoriginal report here.

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