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INSIGHT Camp returns to Morehead State campus for a week of activities



INSIGHT, a post-secondary preparation program for blind and visually impaired high school students, was held on the campus of Morehead State University earlier this month.

INSIGHT is a collaboration between MSU, Kentucky Office for the Blind, Kentucky School for the Blind (KSB), Kentucky Education Development Corporation (KEDC) and the KSB Charitable Foundation. Fourteen students attended the camp this year. The program is in its 14th year after being canceled last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Visually impaired students in college will face the same requirements and adjustments as all other new students, but orienting themselves on a physical campus and accessing course materials is often more complex,” said Evangeline Day, Services Coordinator to people with disabilities from MSU.

“Nothing builds confidence better than a previous successful experience and that’s what the INSIGHT program offers. Participants are given a rehearsal of the independence, social interactions, and adherence to a demanding class schedule that are typically encountered for the first time in the first year. Importantly, they also receive valuable orientation and mobility training from professionals and practical use of assistive technologies that will prepare them in advance.

The program is offered to students who have completed Grade 10, 11, or 12 and is designed to give them real-world academic experience, including living in a hall of residence, attending college classes, and practicing career counseling skills and mobility in a campus environment.

Additional information is available from Day at 606-783-5188, by email at [email protected] or at www.moreheadstate.edu/disability.

In the photo in the first row, from left to right:

  • Grade 12 Audrey Griffith from Webbville
  • Grade 12 Elizabethtown Kwame Theus
  • Graeson Gutierrez of Shelbyville, Grade 12
  • Danielle Hundley of Whitesville, Grade 12
  • Marina Tatum of Benton, Grade 12
  • Grade 12 Alex Saldago of Louisville

Back, from left to right:

  • Gracie Smith of Radcliff, Grade 10
  • TaMyah Jordan from Frankfurt, 10th grade
  • Muhammad Khan of Louisville, Grade 11
  • London Henry of Louisville, Grade 10
  • Grade 11 Hafsa Furruk of Louisville
  • Grade 10 Eric Echeverria of Louisville