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“I’m looking to death for my purchases!” ‘- super marketer and fashion blogger saves £ 500 per month | Personal Finances | Finance


Fashion marketer and blogger Aimee, 35, loves saving money on her purchases. As 2022 looms, she has already made detailed plans to save £ 6,000 next year.

Aimee has just bought a two bedroom apartment in Leeds and therefore has a strong incentive to keep our expenses to a minimum while having fun.

Its three-point plan includes:

1. Establish a strict monthly budget to carefully plan all of your expenses.

2. Review each household bill to ensure it is getting the best value for money.

3. Learn DIY techniques to reduce the costs of decorating your new home.

Aimee says she inherited good money habits from her father. “It got us to understand value for money and do some research to make sure you’re getting a good deal.”

Aimee has already done extensive research on how she can save money over the next year.

She says too many people throw money away by failing to do their research before buying, and are backed by research from value communications provider Plusnet.

He revealed that the average shopper spends £ 1,500 a year on confusing products and services that they don’t want or need.

To avoid this, Aimee listened to advice from family and friends on how to save money, which gave her the confidence to look for good deals.

“My dad always taught us to understand the value of money and to do research to make sure you got a good deal. “

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She takes advantage of her move into a new home to completely review her bills. Among its switches is Plusnet’s fiber broadband at £ 21.99, saving it £ 9 per month. “It might not seem like a lot to some people, but it works out to £ 108 a year.”

Aimee saves even more money by selling items she no longer needs or uses. “I have a bunch of stuff I have to sell, emptied since I was renting. I earn almost £ 200 in a month selling it.

She also cut her grocery bill by £ 40 a month, comparing prices and cutting back. “I’m going to save an extra £ 20 per month by getting rid of some subscriptions that I don’t use a lot, including a cosmetics subscription and several paid apps.

Her biggest savings come from renovating her apartment. “I did some of the work myself and also received help from my friends and family. It all adds up.

If Aimee saves £ 6,000, that will cover more than the cost of completely redecorating her dream home. “It’s so exciting, after years of rental.”