Having a good credit bureau rating

It is clear that nobody likes to be crossed out as a delinquent customer, but becoming one is something that can happen to many. You don’t really need to be up to the point of debt to be considered as such, just being late in payment is enough to stain your credit history.

Any delay that you have will damage the qualification 


It is important to note that not paying on time the requested personal loans or credit cards, are not the only reasons why you can be classified as a delinquent customer, the services you hire such as electricity, water or even internet are also registered in credit bureau and, any delay that you have will damage the qualification that this one provides you.

Yes, it seems absurd that by spending a little on the payment date (even if it is a minimum amount) you can damage your financial record, but there is still more: we are sure that you have no idea how your situation is facing a credit bureau.

In reality, no company notifies you when you are labeled as a delinquent customer, but it is your responsibility to be on the lookout for your credit bureau registration and focus on maintaining a good rating.

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Financial information consultation

Financial information consultation

We had previously mentioned that the credit bureau is an institution that is in charge of taking control of all your movements, once you start having financial activity and through your behavior, it gives you a rating (positive or negative) with which other institutions They will determine if they give you credit.

Far from being a bad sign, being on a credit bureau means that you now have the financial activity required to access credit. Of course, as long as you register a positive rating.

So, to know your qualification you only need to enter the credit bureau website and request your information by providing your information.

The document that will grant you credit bureau is your credit history and in it, you will find a summary of your credits and on the right side the behavior of your payments. There are 3 icons that represent your behavior: the green popcorn means that your account is up to date; the yellow exclamation mark means that you had a delay of 1 to 89 days and the red “x” represents a debt greater than 90 days or an unrecoverable debt.

You have the right to acquire your credit history for free once a year, but to know the exact score of your credit behavior, you have to go to the credit bureau page and request it for approximately $ 58 dollars (May 2017).

Having a good credit bureau rating

Having a good credit bureau rating

It is extremely important to build an optimal financial heritage and therefore it is important to reduce the number of debts and be aware of your payments.

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