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CU Athletics Launch Buffs NIL Exchange


ROCK – The University of Colorado Athletics, in partnership with national leader INFLCR, has launched a comprehensive name, image and likeness platform – Buffs NIL Exchange – that will provide UC student-athletes and interested external parties the possibility of connecting directly to NIL partnerships and opportunities.

Buffs NIL Exchange, part of the groundbreaking Buffs with a Brand program, will be the central marketplace for all NIL information, education, opportunities and reporting. Interested parties and businesses will now be able to register through an online portal and partner directly with UC student-athletes.

“I am thrilled that we can offer the Buffs NIL Exchange as the NIL platform for all Buff supporters and current student-athletes,” said the CU Athletic Director. rick george noted. “This platform will greatly increase NIL opportunities for our student-athletes while supporting local and national businesses. We are excited for our student-athletes to benefit from this new landscape and look forward to our supporters and businesses using this platform. -form!”

The partnerships will open the door to all brand-driven activities, as long as they meet the legal requirements set by the Colorado Legislature and follow the University of Colorado’s NIL protocols. Registration will be approved in advance by CU Athletics.

After initial registration, all discussions and negotiations will be directly between outside parties and Colorado student-athletes.

Within the INFLCR app, student-athletes will have access to third parties that provide opportunities ranging from autographs and brand promotions on social media, to running camps, clinics, private sports lessons, personal appearances, support for charities, etc. .

Colorado has carefully planned its strategic partnership with INFLCR, which has quickly become the national leader in athlete brand building, NIL opportunity creation and content management. Its platforms are used by more than 3,500 college and professional sports teams, with more than 70,000 active sports users.

CU Athletics has also developed targeted internal strategies to help student-athletes maximize their opportunities.

The department has created a multi-faceted, national marketing campaign to help generate interest from companies across the country as well as locally that may have an interest in working with a Buffs student-athlete.

CU has also formed a strategic team of staff members to respond to the ever-changing and rapidly growing NIL market. The team is made up of staff from across Colorado Athletics, including compliance, leadership and career development, marketing and player development, each of whom will work to help grow the program and increase NIL opportunities for every CU student-athlete.

Every Colorado athlete will have access to the INFLCR Content Delivery System. The system gives student-athletes immediate and seamless access to media, photography, video and other content that enhances their online presence. The system also provides analytics that will help student-athletes measure audience engagement.

At the same time, CU will have information that will allow the department to help analyze data that impacts attendance, recruiting, fan engagement, fundraising and other critical strategic goals.

Buffs NIL Exchange will be a free service for student-athletes and businesses.

After registering through the online portal, which takes place in four simple steps, a company, collective or individual will be granted access to a searchable database of Colorado student-athletes. These parties can then message the student-athlete directly or request contact information in order to begin discussions about the NIL transaction.

Interested parties are encouraged to register early in order to have access to student-athletes who will meet their specific needs.

The INFLCR and Colorado Athletics will not participate in negotiations. These will take place strictly between the student-athlete and the company concerned.

There are also other important benefits available to the student-athlete through the INFLCR program. They include a payment processing tool that will ensure secure payment for the student-athlete, as well as automatic settlement on a consolidated 1099 tax form, a feature that will help student-athletes achieve more efficient and effective tax filing. precise.

Buffs NIL Exchange is the latest advancement of the nationally recognized Buffs with a Brand program, which launched on June 1, 2020. Buffs with a Brand was honored nationally with an “Outstanding Activities” award during of the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers conference and has also been recognized by Sports Illustrated as a leading program “going the extra mile” to help its student-athletes.

CU Athletics will also begin offering additional academic incentives and awards to all student-athletes to enhance departmental support for student-athlete success. Student-athletes will become eligible to begin receiving benefits this semester and can earn up to $5,980 per academic year.

The addition of Buffs NIL Exchange will only serve to enhance and enrich CU’s reputation as a department designed to help its student-athletes have a world-class experience in all facets of their educational experience in Colorado.

“The Buffs NIL Exchange opens the door for Colorado student-athletes to connect with businesses in their own backyard,” said INFLCR President Jim Cavale. “Colorado has used the INFLCR since 2019 to empower their student-athletes with the technology to grow their personal brands. The addition of their personalized local exchange platform positions them as leaders in the NIL college space. , giving their student-athletes the ability to use INFLCR core features to grow their brands and the Buffs NIL Exchange to capitalize on those efforts.”