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Broome-Tioga BOCES Hosts Another Engineering Day | WIVT


BINGHAMTON, NY- A competition designed for students to use not only their academic skills, but also skills such as time management and teamwork is back for the 8th time.

Engineering Days is a partnership between the Eastern Southern Tier STEM Hub and Broome-Tioga BOCES.

The idea is for students in 16 school districts to create a working Rube Goldberg-type machine using only the materials provided to them.

Teams of 4 have about 2 hours to do this and have no advanced knowledge of the materials or what they need to accomplish until the same day.

Deposit Central’s 11th grade student Kassidy Frederick says it’s one of his favorite competitions.

“See how people from other schools can work with each other and how people’s ideas differ between groups and how people think, and then see the end result happen with so many different ways of doing it, c ‘is really cool to watch, ”says Frederick.

This 3-day event kicked off this morning with high school students.

They’ve been tasked with creating a machine that will pop a party popper at the end.

Tomorrow, it will be the middle school students, and the end of the event will be the elementary students on Wednesday.