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26 Tips for the Class of 2026 Babson Thought & Action


Welcome to Babson, Class of 2026. Over your next four years, you’ll discover a fun thing about campus: it’s small but mighty. There’s always something to learn, someone to meet and something to do on our 350+ acres. Finding these opportunities and seizing them can be overwhelming, especially as you adjust to being away from home.

To help you settle into your new home, we’ve asked some of Babson’s best – your classmates – to walk you through, offering advice from the serious to the mundane, from the best places to study to the best places to decompress. Here are 26 nuggets of wisdom to get you started on your Babson journey.

Meet people and make friends

More than 2,000 undergraduate students call Babson home. Over the next academic year, you will have many opportunities to meet and network with your fellow students.

1. Take Time to Trim. Babson’s dining room is not just a place to have a meal. It’s a great space to hang out with new people. “It serves as a hub for casual dinners with friends and has been the place for many deep conversations (for me),” Eita Nakagawa ’24 said.

2. Join a club. Babson has more than 100 clubs, from Greek life to the arts to faith-based organizations. The College even encourages students to start their own clubs (we’re all entrepreneurs, after all).

3. Consult the campus activities table. CAB is committed to providing an inclusive and fun environment for Babson students. “Whether it’s tickets to a Red Sox game or food trucks on campus, there’s always something going on,” Tamar Salant ’25 said.

4. Attend beginning of semester events. Founder’s Day, this year on September 8, 2022, is a big party celebrating the College’s history, with free food, trivia and lawn games on the Park Manor Quad. Don’t miss the Student Organizations Fair (September 9) and the Family and Friends Weekend (September 30 to October 2).

5. Book a room. Students can reserve study spaces for individual assignments and group projects, and they can also reserve other places on campus to spend time with friends. “I booked one of the big auditoriums on campus, and my friends and I were playing Mario Kart and watching a movie on a huge screen,” Jessica Lin ’24 said.

Find the best spots on campus

When you start studying the campus map, knowing where to start is half the battle. Here are some (but certainly not all) of our students’ favorite places.

The Reynolds Campus Center is one of the places you need to check out.

6. Lace up at the rink. You might not even know that Babson has an ice rink. All our students benefit from free access and skate rental.

7. Try your hand at pottery. Even more shocking is that there is a ceramics studio behind Trim. “The studio for me is one of my favorite places just because I can walk in there, put on headphones and do stuff,” Salant said.

8. Attend a gym class. If yoga, martial arts, or dance are more your decompression gear, the Lunder Fitness Center offers group fitness classes, as well as a wide range of gym equipment.

9. Use the Weissman foundry. The Foundry is a great resource when you want to turn your business idea into a real prototype. Babson, FW Olin College of Engineering and Wellesley College students can all use this studio space and social kitchen.

10. Check out the Global Lounge. The Reynolds Campus Center has everything you need, including the bookstore and a brand new Dunkin’ Donuts. On the second floor of Reynolds, the Global Lounge and the adjoining deck of the Sorenson Center for the Arts are favorite hangouts for students.

11. Find beauty on campus. The rotating Babson World Globe is certainly the focal point of our campus. Other spots will also leave you speechless. “The Glavin family chapel is still beautiful on a sunny day,” said Joanne Hao ’23. “It’s super quiet and no one will disturb you. Many people go there to play the piano at night.

Adapt to academics

With its blend of hands-on learning and business, liberal arts, and science courses, the Babson Academic Experience is an exciting new challenge for students.

12. Find your place of study. Our library and its adjoining atrium are beautiful, but they’re not the only places of peace and quiet. Reynolds has its aforementioned areas, and you’ll want to look for Gerber Hall Benches. And, Olin Hall may be home to the graduate school, but it provides snacks and study spots for everyone on campus.

“I’ve also met some of the most driven people here, and they inspire me to do better every day.”
Gabriella Sally ’25

13. Get to know your teachers. The teachers are there to support and challenge you. They are a vital resource for your Babson journey. “The key to establishing a good relationship with your teachers is to be communicative,” said Gabriella Sally ’25. “Although some teachers may seem intimidating at first, they are there to help you succeed.”

14. Don’t overthink your schedule. When choosing classes, consider how you like to learn, times of day when you have the most energy, and times when you enjoy studying. Cram everything in the afternoon or on fixed days may not be sustainable. “Scheduling all of your classes in one day might not be a good choice,” Hao ’23 said.

15. Know your resources. If you get stuck on something, Babson has so many in-person resources. “Need help with an essay? Just visit the writing center,” Sally said. “Stuck on a math problem? There’s the Math Center for that. Are you hesitating to start your business? There is the Blank Center. Have you been feeling stressed lately? Make an appointment with CAPS. There’s also the Speech Center, which can help you with your first big presentation.

16. Remember that college is not just a classroom. Your academics are important, but they’re not the only thing you’re supposed to accomplish here. Friendship, creative activities and life in general also deserve attention. “Don’t worry too much about your focus or your internship next summer,” Jackson Harnett told ’24. It is important to focus on your career, but also to enjoy the university.

Leaving campus

Our campus offers all the amenities you need to thrive here, but Wellesley and the Greater Boston area offer great recreation and dining options mixed with New England charm.

Two students welcoming students in a university residence
Your move-in team will help you settle in and can offer their own advice on the Babson experience.

17. Explore Wellesley. Where you want to go in Wellesley depends on how much you want to walk or if you have a car. A short distance from campus is Volante Farms for sandwiches, produce, and ice cream. Wellesley town centre, which will take you around half an hour on foot, is home to the famous Linden Store Deli and the Tatte Bakery & Café.

18. Meet our neighbors. Babson has specific partnerships with neighboring schools Olin College of Engineering and Wellesley College. Students can take some courses at colleges, and Babson provides a shuttle between the three.

19. Go for a walk. New England is especially beautiful in the fall. The Sudbury Path behind campus is a biking and hiking trail, and Dover’s Noanet Woodlands, which offers Boston city views, is a short drive from campus.

20. Set up a Babson Uber profile. The Babson Student Government Association (SGA) offers special discounted Uber rides for students, including when moving in and for trips to grocery stores. Follow SGA on Instagram for more information.

21. See you in Boston. The capital city of Massachusetts, which offers dining, shopping, concerts, and historic sites, is just 10 miles from campus. “The best part of student life is definitely the culture of going out to eat in Boston with your friends,” Nakagawa said. Wellesley has commuter rail stops that will take you to downtown Boston, and the Catch Connect shuttle will take you to the Green Line.

Find out what makes Babson, Babson.

Here are some final tips to ensure you get the full Babson experience.

22. Do you talk. The best way to find resources is to tell people (older students, work-study colleagues, professors) what interests you. They will be aware of programs, opportunities (for example, the Natalie Taylor Scholar program for those passionate about social justice) and personal connections to help you. Also explore our website and social feeds.

Roger the dog on campus
Roger is also looking forward to meeting you.

23. Meet Roger. Roger, named after our founder Roger Babson, is our campus resource dog. Posting it on your Instagram will get you some extra likes.

24. Know that winter is coming. Make sure you have a long winter coat and sturdy boots to get to class. And, if you bring your car to campus, be sure to bring a scraper and shovel as well.

25. Try all the food options. Trim will be your mainstay, but you’ll miss out on great finds if it’s the only place you eat. “Reynold’s acai bowl is the best,” Hao said.

26. Kiss the little one. We’re a small school (it’ll take you a maximum of 10 minutes to get to your next location on campus), but our community offers the world. Babson’s vast specialized nature is our true untapped resource. “The Babson community is so tight because it’s such a small school,” Sally said. “I’ve also met some of the most driven people here, and they inspire me to do better every day.”

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