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10 Best Online Writing Support Resources Every Student Should Know


Writing remains an essential element of contemporary education. The average student writes about 1,000 pages per school year. Your knowledge, skills and effort are assessed by handouts – over and over again. Whether it’s an essay on history or a chemistry lab report, your writing speaks for you far more than you do. Since so much of your academic success depends on your written eloquence, poor writing skills can give you poor grades despite extensive study and knowledge of the subject.

However, writing does not come easily to everyone. Sometimes writing is a struggle, and all your brilliant thoughts and clever arguments fade on paper and leave a disappointing impression. Maybe someday we’ll find a better way to teach and learn, but right now your only option is to improve your writing game.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of resources and tools online for those who need help writing, and most of them are absolutely free! We’ve picked out the ten most useful, so you just need to grab them and use them to your advantage.

Editing tools for writing assistance


It is probably the most popular website for helping students write. It’s absolutely free, but you need to create an account to get personalized help and stats. The app gives you detailed feedback on your texts: provides clarity, engagement and delivery scores, detects grammar, spelling and vocabulary issues, and suggests ways to resolve them.

Grammarly exists as a browser version and an MS Word extension that you install on your device. You can also upgrade to a Premium membership to get additional suggestions. For example, how to make your text more engaging, how to avoid monotonous passages, etc. You will also be able to adjust your performance for the right impression with the audience by adjusting parameters, such as formality, friendliness, confidence, etc.


Named after a writer known for his pithy style and precision, Hemingway Editor aims to remove all unnecessary lint from your text, much like cutting a rough diamond to make it shine. Type your text directly into the editor window or paste it from your usual word processor after performing a first edit. Hemingway Editor color-codes issues like word usage, complex sentences, weak phrases, etc., and highlights them in your text.

It also damages your text for readability and provides key metrics like word count, character count, letter count, sentence count, and paragraph count, which is especially handy for short essays with word / character limits. The best part? All you need is an open browser window – no subscription, no account, no terms attached.

Help in writing academic documents


When you need help writing a paper for college, this is probably the most reliable paper writing service out there. For students struggling with a particular format of school or university paper, studying and emulating samples can be a great way to learn about academic language, structure, argumentative rhetoric, objective tone. voice, quotes, etc.

PaperHelp prepares personalized samples in almost 100 subjects and at different academic levels – from high school to doctorate. Their services also include editing, proofreading, research help, topic homework help, and more. There’s also a student blog with writing guides, higher education discussions, and lifestyle tips to prepare you for campus life.


Among the companies providing academic writing help online, this one stands out with the abundance of free content that you can get on their website. This little writing assistant will make you feel like Christmas has arrived early. There is a database of essays with over 90,000 college and university model papers written by professional academic writers or donated by students. If you need to write, say, a case study, you have over 4,600 examples of this format to learn. Free samples are available to any visitor without registration. If you choose to purchase a subscription, you will have access to one million samples in the Premium Database.

In addition to this, WowEssays offers free writing tools, such as spell checker, readability checker, GPA calculator, word to page converter, word frequency counter, case converter, quote generator and many more.

Website and blog resources for writing help


Spent the last semester memorizing APA guidelines, and now your new instructor has specified Turabian for the next research paper? Purdue University’s online writing lab, affectionately named OWL, is your first stop when you need information on various citation styles and formatting requirements. Correct citation is the only way to reference other people’s works in your writing and to avoid plagiarism, so bookmark this site!

This resource contains a lot of useful information on general writing, particular styles, grammar, punctuation, text structure and visual rhetoric, the writing process, and more. However, the top of the list for most students is their comprehensive guide to academic writing skills that examines each particular paper format in detail.

Grammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty and his quick and dirty writing tips are a godsend for language enthusiasts and struggling students who desperately want to make writing less boring. His blog is full of entertaining articles on the surprising origins of words, pronunciation quirks, and ways to memorize tricky grammar rules.

Want to know once and for all when to say “affect” and when “effect”? Have you ever wondered if it’s rude to correct someone’s grammar? I would like someone to finally explain to you what happens with the passive voice and why it is suddenly so vilified by everyone (it was on purpose, by the way)? Mignon has all the answers and excels at explaining the most complicated things in an engaging manner and with an unmistakable sense of humor.

Online writing help for ESL students


This website is a huge collection of tools for learning and teaching English as a second language. Go there for tests and quizzes to check your grammar and reading comprehension, for references to learn the meanings of English idioms, phrasal verbs and grammar terms, or for details on grammar and language. use of English.

There are also forums with a supportive community, free eBooks, and text analysis tools designed specifically as an English writing aid for international learners.


If you want to speak and write like a native speaker, you will need to develop your vocabulary. One of the best ways to do this quickly is to use an online dictionary. Thesaurus provides synonyms and antonyms for any word you type, as well as its pronunciation. Another great thing about it is the definition suggestions, which are also handy for learners. For example, if you search for the word “list”, Thesaurus returns three sets of synonyms, one for each meaning of the word.

If you need a detailed definition and usage examples, just switch between the Dictionary.com and thesaurus.com tabs or click “View definition on Dictionary.com” next to the word.

Advanced writing resources

Specialization in Creative Writing from Coursera

Coursera is a well-known free online learning platform that offers courses from top colleges and universities for everyone. If you want to hone your creative writing and want to apply your skills professionally, Coursera has put together a series of free courses from Wesleyan University. It is aimed at beginners with no previous experience, lasts about 6 months and offers subtitles in 10 languages ​​for foreign learners. You can register directly for the Creative Writing specialization or choose a specific course that interests you.

If you take all the courses in the specialization and submit a practical project, you can earn a shareable certificate to show to your future employers. However, you can also take just one class and stop studying whenever you want – the choice is yours.


The Poynter Institute for Media Studies website is intended for nonprofit journalists and reporters. Of particular interest is the News University project hosted here. It offers online courses, webinars and learning games for journalism education – TV news, visual storytelling, personal branding, diversity, and more. Some of these courses are chargeable, while others are absolutely free.

In addition to blogs and useful tools, Poynter offers such valuable resources as a fake news blacklist, media literacy channels for Gen Z and seniors, and a code of ethics for review organizations. facts. There are also many training resources, including online learning, in-person training, and personalized training. If you are considering a career in journalism, definitely add Poynter.org to your favorites. By the way, they list media jobs on their homepage, which could be your ticket to a dream job.